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In 2020, KIJIJI undertook a Survey of Black Safeguarding Professionals (BSPs) in the UK.

The first of its kind, the survey was conducted to better understand experiences and opportunities, and to develop an evidence base upon which to develop approaches to dismantle barriers and create opportunities for BSPs.


The research aims were to:

  1. Understand the experience of being a BSP, including during the Covid-19 pandemic;

  2. Understand the learning and development needs of BSPs;

  3. Develop an evidence base to quantify the anecdotal feedback often received;

  4. Amplify voice of BSPs across sectors.


A total of 100 Black Safeguarding Professionals from a range of sectors responded. The survey consisted of 19 multiple choice and Likert scale questions, as well as some free-text options yielding location and profession of respondents.

Both the full and summary version of the report can be accessed by clicking thumbnails below:

Using their Covid-19 Action Fund Award from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, in 2021 KIJIJI will be building on the findings and recommendations of this report by undertaking further research and working with key organisations across sectors to co-produce equitable frameworks for BSPs. 

To contact KIJIJI about the report or any aspect of their work, please email:

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